A Tinder Thing is a casual observation project about the interactions between myself and older men on Tinder.

With my original profile, I set my preferences on Tinder to the oldest age range possible, 46 - 55+, and swiped on 100 people in one sitting. Everyone that appears on my screen are people who's preferences are also set to see women who are my age, 20. 

In my preferences, I started off the distance radius at 12 miles, but as you can see by the third day I swiped, I needed to increase my distance because there were no more people in my area. Below are links about the specific days that I swiped. It consists of purely screenshots of examples of messages I received, examples of men's profiles, and numbers that may help to understand the nature of the interactions.

This is also the reason why my attempt on matching with older women on tinder failed. Below you can view a screencapture of the attempt. No matter how large my distance preference was, there were never enough people to swipe, which means that there are not many older women who's preference are set to match with women my age.